Municipal Council (1st Reading)
October 12,2017, at 8:45 AM
Council Chambers
151 King St, Chester

What is the project?

In response to recent Secondary Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law amendments that permit shipping containers in some areas of the Chester Village Planning Area, a request for a further amendment was made by the Village Area Advisory Committee to limit the maximum size of shipping containers permitted and prohibit all forms of refrigerated containers due to concerns with noise and exhaust creating a nuisance or land use conflict with adjacent properties.

Further details on the limitations that are proposed for shipping containers in the Chester Village Planning Area can be viewed in the July 18 Staff Report to VAAC and the September 14 Memorandum and Report to Council; listed at the bottom of this page.

How can I be heard?

There are several opportunities throughout the process to hear about the proposal, to ask questions, and to provide feedback to the Municipality.

All public meetings and hearings will be posted on this page as the dates are set and advertised in the Progress Bulletin.

What has happened?

At the April 18, 2017 meeting of the Village Area Advisory Committee (VAAC), a motion was passed that requested this amendment.

Council approved this motion at its April 27, 2017 meeting, and staff began drafting the amendment for consideration.

Village Area Advisory Committee (VAAC) discussed the proposed amendments at its July 18, 2017 meeting, and made a positive recommendation to Council, meaning they think Council should approve the amendment to the Land Use By-law.

Citizens Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) discussed the proposed amendments on August 28, 2017 and made a positive recommendation to Council.

The draft amendments were presented to Council at the September 14, 2017 meeting. Council requested some minor revisions to the proposed amendments to allow some flexibility for containers which have minor protrusions (vents, handles, latches, etc.) or only slightly exceed the maximum limit on size. These revisons have been made by staff and will be brought forward to a future Council meeting for 1st Reading of the amendments.

What is the next step?

The Village Area Advisory Committee (VAAC) and Citizens Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) have provided positive recommendations that Council move forward with the draft amendments.

Municipal Council has requested minor revisions to the amendments. The revised amendments will be brought to Council who may then give the amendment "first reading", which is the first step towards approving or rejecting the amendment. If Council chooses to move ahead with the amendment, they will set a Public Hearing date, which is an opportunity for the public to speak directly to Council about the proposed amendment. After the Public Hearing, Council will then vote on whether or not to approve the amendment.

How can I find out more?

For more information on this amendment, you can contact the Community Development Department at 902-275-2599 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Documents and Reports relating to this application:

Staff Report #1 to Village Area Advisory Committee - July 18, 2017

Staff Memorandum to Citizens Planning Advisory Committee - August 28, 2017

Staff Memorandum to Council - September 14, 2017