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In 2014, the Municipality started a process to update our planning documents. This plan review process - or as we like to call it, reVISION - will create new documents that guide how and where the municipality will grow and change. Those documents include:
  • Municipal Planning Strategy
  • Village Secondary Planning Strategy
  • Land Use By-Laws
  • Subdivision By-Law

Based on the community feedback we have received, we know that the current plans and by-laws are out of date. They do not reflect all of our community values. The reVISION process will help us build the community’s vision, goals and approaches for new growth and development. It will guide how the community develops over the long term.

The Citizens Planning Advisory Committee is guiding plan review. They are a group of residents selected by Council to represent the interests of their communities and the Municipality as a whole. Staff has been working with the Committee since 2014 to define different planning ideas across the Municipality and determine the direction of the new planning documents based on the public engagement we have conducted.

Central to the reVISION process is to view the area through the eyes of the public. We want help from residents to decide where growth should happen and what growth should look like. Your ideas and values are needed to build this plan!

The draft Municipal Planning Strategy and Municipal Land Use By-law, the companion document that will implement the policies found in the Municipal Planning Strategy, were completed in Winter 2017. Both draft documents have been reviewed with Council but have not yet been adopted, changes can still be made. Council has directed Staff to begin the final round of public meetings to get comments and feedback on the draft documents. The meetings throughout April and May 2018 will provide an opportunity for members of the public to view and comment on the draft documents. Once the public meetings are complete, the comments and feedback will be presented to Council who will have the option to adopt the documents of make further changes. 


 Draft Documents 



Draft Documents


During the first round of public enagement in the winter of 2014/15, we hosted seven public meetings across the Municipality. We also hosted a number of meetings on specific topics. The purpose of the engagement sessions was to provide an opportunity for residents to share their visions of life in the municipality and identify issues, opportunities and priorities. The current plan does not contain this visionary component and therefore provides limited guidance when faced with planning requests that are ‘out of the norm’. The public input on these visionary components guided CPAC’s initial deliberations when creating the draft Municipal Strategy.
The second round of public engagement meetings took place between August and November 2015. The purpose of the consultations were to:
  • Confirm the vision and planning goals developed by CPAC and staff, as a result of the information gathered during the first round of consultation;
  • Present some specific ideas regarding planning, and gain public feedback to assist CPAC with their next step in the development of the revised Municipal Planning Strategy

The feedback from these meetings can be found here.

Details about future public engagement will be posted on this site. You can also subscribe to our Mailing List to be automatically notified about meetings and draft document


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Prior to beginning the reVISION process, staff created seven background reports dealing with the topics that need to be addressed in the plan review process. These documents give an introduction to some of the topics that will be covered in the new planning documents, and identify some of the challenges the Municipality is facing with the current documents.  To see the background documents, please click here.
For more information about reVISION, please feel free to contact our Community Development Department.
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