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The Municipality is looking at how it should grow and change. This process is the Plan Review, or as we like to call it, "reVISION". The Plan will include a new Municipal Planning Strategy, Land Use By-Law, and Subdivision By-Law.

One goal of reVISION is to view the area through the eyes of the public. We want help from you and from local residents on the  Citizens Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC). We will bring residents together to discuss where growth should happen and what growth should look like. Listening to what you have to say is important. Your ideas and values are needed to build this plan! Stay up to date about all Plan Review workshops, events and reports by joining our Plan Review email list.

We have now held two rounds of public meetings, with events in each Council District.  Thank you to all the residents who shared their ideas and opinions. 

Our first public engangement report is available here.  We plan to release our second report by mid-March.