Get Active Your Way

Being physically active is one of the cornerstones of a healthy and fulfilling life. We are fortunate to live in a place that allows each of us to discover the activity that really excites us and sustains us. Walking is certainly the favourite of our residents, but we also enjoy running, biking, swimming, yoga, golf, hockey, dancing and many more. Physical activity doesn't just include organized cutnrunor competitive sports. Whatever you can do to stretch, lift, throw, run, climb, and laugh qualifies as physical activity. Housework, gardening, stacking firewood all have benefits. And those things that we used to do as kids like Frisbee, tag, and playgrounds are just as fun and relevant to our growth (as an adult or child) as they were then. There are many obligations and distractions in our lives today, but if we can strive to get our bodies moving a few times each week, we will all begin to see the benefits to our bodies, our relationships, and our communities.

What is the right amount of physical activity for you? To view the Canadian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Guidelines click here.

The Municipality of Chester has made a commitment to creating a healthier community. Through investments in trails, sidewalks, the skate park, and community schools; recreation programs and financial assistance plans (e.g. grants and PRO Kids); leadership development; and through partnerships with local and provincial organizations; we are working to create a culture that values and strives towards active lifestyles.

Explore Life Recreation Guide
Each quarter we publish a complete guide of all the municipal program offerings and enough information and inspiration to help you experience the fantastic recreation selections close to home. We call it Explore Life. Look for it in your mailbox or download current and past editions here. Have a look at the options then click here to go directly to our online registration page.


Recreation Map and Guides
The first edition of our Recreation Map and Guide captures all of the places and spaces for you to participate in four seasons of fun and adventure. From public pools, beaches, and rinks; to trails and open spaces; the guide highlights opportunities in communities throughout the Municipality. Click here to download.

Our original Chester Connection and Aspotogan Trails Map remains a popular resource and provide a few more details than the Rec Map above. Explore 46 km of multi-use rail-trail from one end of the Municipality to the other, and link to our neighbours to the east and west.  Click here to download.

Active Living StrategyALS cover
Our Active Living Strategy (2014-2017) will guide our actions over the next few years. It focuses on improving access to outdoor recreation; creating supportive environments for women and girls; providing information and inspiration; connecting to the health sector; better serving isolated populations; and making walking and biking a part of everyday life. Implementation of the strategy is the responsibility of our active living coordinator.  Click here to download the strategy. This position is a partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness under their Municipal Physical Activity Leadership (MPAL) program.