Community Schools in the Municipality of Chester

We are fortunate in our Municipality to have two formal Community Use Schools: Forest Heights Community School (FHCS) in Chester Grant and Aspotogan Consolidated Elementary School (ACES) in Hubbards/Mill Cove. Both schools were developed as Community Schools from the beginning (FHCS in 1992 and ACES in 2000). In both cases, an agreement is in place between the South Shore Regional School Board and the Municipality of the District of Chester (as well as the Ashford Consortium in the case of ACES) which formalizes the ability of the public to access these spaces in an easy and affordable way.

In addition to the schools being available for rent, recreation programming also takes place for the schools, making them a centre for community activity, education, and fun. These programs are listed seasonally in our Explore Life recreation guide and are organized by the Community School Coordinator. As a result of rentals and organized programs, a wide variety of activities and functions take place in our community schools; everything from fitness classes and meetings of non-profit community groups, to dog agility and model airplane flying!

The Community School Coordinator is a Municipal staff position and works within the Chester Municipal Recreation and Parks Department. The position is tasked with coordinating the public use of the two schools, including programming and scheduling.

To inquire about use of either of the schools, contact the Community School Coordinator at 902-275-2712, click here for email, or follow this link to request a space online.