The Municipality requested that the Canadian Radiocommunications Information and Notification Service (CRINS) perform an external audit on our Letter of Concurrence process we used during Eastlink's application to Industry Canada for installation of a communications tower at the site of the Chester Volunteer Fire Department on Central Street in Chester. Organizations are required to seek a Letter of Concurrence from municipalities during this application process before proceeding with installation.

We held a Public Information meeting and Public Hearing, but received no opposition. The Municipality wrote the required Letter of Concurrence, and Eastlink proceeded with installation. After the installation, concerns were raised by a group of residents. As a result, the Municipality asked CRINS to review our process. Meanwhile, CRINS has an existing protocol that Council has decided to adopt (click here to read it).

Council has received the External Audit Report as well as an accompanying document outlining further edits and corrections (links below).



CRINS Antenna System Siting Review & Consultation Protocol

External Audit Report on Bragg Communications (dbs Eastlink) Site NSB472 "Chester Fire Hall"

Corrections and edits to Audit Report from CRINS