Universal Sewer Charges and Procedure

You may have received a letter from the Municipality about the recent changes to the Municipal Sewer By-Law. Council adopted a new method of charging for sewer services, and it will be applied universally to users of all six municipal sewer systems.

After hearing from property owners and businesses both in the Village and throughout the Municipality, Council adopted a method designed to be fair and more sustainable than in the past.

The universal sewer charge is based on "equivalent dwelling units" (EDUs). One EDU is equal to the estimated flow generated by one single-family residence. Properties that generate a higher flow (such as restaurants or homes for special care) are designated a higher number of EDUs. The value of one EDU is $529.63, which is calculated by dividing the total amount needed to maintain and operate all six central sewer systems by the number of users and their estimated usage.

Property tax bills reflect the number of EDUs for the property multiplied by the EDU rate of $529.63. To view the EDU chart for the Municipality, please look under Schedule A of the Municipal Sewer By-Law.

If you have any concerns or questions about the assessed EDU for your property or about the system itself, we welcome your call at 902-275-1312. You can also send us an email by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If your assessed EDU is greater than one, you can also request a review of your property and sewer charge adjustment. Please read the Sewer Service Review Procedure, print, and complete the form included in it. Return the form by February 15 each year to the Municipal Clerk.

With regard to the Chester Sewer System, over a number of years, funds were collected from users in excess of that spent and a surplus of approximately $355,000 has accumulated. Primarily, this is a result of spending that did not take place on anticipated capital projects. However, these capital projects are still required to improve and maintain the Chester Sewer System and the plan is that all of the surplus will be expended on that specific system within the next year or two. These surplus funds are accounted for separately in the general operating account and as such, the users of the system can be assured that all of the monies they paid in through their sewer rate will be used for the benefit of the Chester Sewer System. If you have any questions regarding the surplus please contact the Director of Finance at 902-275-3554. You can also email the Director of Finance by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..