Snow Removal on Roads & Sidewalks

Snow removal in the Municipality of Chester (and pretty much all municipalities) is a shared effort between us, the NS Department of Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal (NSTIR), RCMP and citizens. Below are links and information that will help us all get through winter a little easier.

Road Conditions and Plowing - All provincial roads are plowed by NSTIR. Provincial roads include highways, routes, and all roads represented by a green road sign. Visit NSTIR's website for information such as,

The Municipality only plows roads that are owned and maintained by the Municipality. Click here to view the list. To report an unplowed municipal road, call Public Works at 902-275-1312 or 1-888-664-6998 after hours. We also plow our own infrastructure, such as sewer pump stations and sidewalks (see below). If you call us about plowing roads other than our own, we will direct you to NSTIR through website or telephone. Save the extra dialing and call NSTIR first through 511 or their office at 1-888-432-3233.

Winter Parking Ban - Winter Parking Ban Regulations are in effect from December 15 to March 31. This means that you cannot park on any street maintained by NSTIR between 1:00 and 7:00 a.m. until the parking ban ends. ALSO, you cannot park on the street an hour after a storm starts until two hours after it ends. This is because NSTIR is trying to clear roads for safe passage as quickly and as efficiently as they can. Avoiding parked vehicles makes for a messy plow job and leaves drivers annoyed because they are plowed in. To circumvent the problem, the RCMP can have your vehicle towed (at your expense) if you obstruct winter maintenance (like plowing, salting, sanding, etc) or you can be fined under the Motor Vehicle Act. Incidentally, if you plow driveways, it’s illegal to plow snow across a street or onto a sidewalk.

Clearing Sidewalks - The Municipality of Chester clears and maintains all sidewalks in the District (click here for the list). Please report uncleared sidewalks to the Engineering & Public Works Department at 902-275-1312 or 1-888-664-6998 after hours. To get an official idea of what our contractor does and when, please click here to view an excerpt of the tender specifications; or, below is a BRIEF summary.

Waste Collection - Waste collection during a storm can be tricky. Unless road conditions are particularly treacherous, drivers will make every effort to collect waste. In a situation where waste collection is cancelled because of a storm, it will be collected on the very next Saturday. We will post it on our website under Waste Collection Notices, advertise on CKBW, and post it on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also call the Solid Waste Department at 902-275-2330 or the Engineering & Public Works Department at 902-275-1312.

Private Roads - If you live on a private road, maintaining it is your responsibility or that of your homeowners association. Neither the Municipality nor NSTIR plow private roads. To add to this, if snow isn't removed or if it's too icy, our waste collector won't travel on it to collect waste.