Zoning Confirmation Letters

A zoning confirmation letter is often requested prior to the sale of a property to obtain information on any permits and approvals issued by the Municipality for the property. The letter includes a review of any development permits issued for the property and information on any known Land Use By-Law violations against the property. A zoning confirmation letter also includes a review of any building permits issued for the property.

Process for obtaining a zoning confirmation letter:

  1. The cost is $30.00 per property, and payment due at the time the request is submitted. We will not issue Zoning Confirmation Letters until payment is received. Receipts issued for zoning confirmation letters are normally hand written from a receipt book.
  2. We process zoning confirmation letters within five business days of the request. We will attempt to meet shorter time frames when requested; however, to ensure the information is received by closing, please allow as much time as possible prior to.
  3. If requesting confirmation that an existing building complies with current Land Use By-Law setbacks, please include the submission of a current location certificate or plan of survey, prepared by a professional surveyor.
  4. If comments on the existing or proposed use are required, please declare the use in the request submitted to our office.

For more information or if you would like to request a zoning confirmation letter, contact the Community Development Department at 902-275-2599.