Bringing Waste to Kaizer Meadow

Kaizer Meadow Environmental Management Centre is located at 450 Kaizer Meadow Road, Sherwood, just off Route 14.

Hours of operation are Monday to Saturday from 8:00am to 4:00pm.


All types of waste can be brought to Kaizer Meadow Environmental Management Centre.

If you are a resident of the Municipality of Chester, you are permitted to bring up to 1,500 lbs of waste to the Landfill per trip, free of charge. If you are a contractor, please click here for our tipping fee schedule. New contractors are required to complete a form upon arriving at the Scale House for the first time.

  1. Drive up to the Scale House window to be weighed;
  2. Proceed to the Public Drop Off area; or if permitted, to other areas specific to your load (shingle or C & D pile or landfill);
  3. Unload your waste;
  4. Drive back to the Scale House window to be weighed again;
  5. Pay your bill (Debit or Visa only) or receive an invoice for later billing.

Call the Solid Waste Department at 902-275-2330 for information.