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The Municipality of the District of Chester has partnered with Paymentus Corporation to bring you the convenience of paying your property taxes using your Visa or MasterCard.

How do I access this Service?

Customers should be ready with

To access the service either:



Frequently Asked Questions

How will my payment be confirmed?

The Municipality will receive instant notification of your payment and it will be posted to your account the next business day. For each payment you will receive a confirmation number. We will also send you an email confirmation for your records.

Why is there a service fee?

Paymentus charges a fee to use their service. The fee covers payment handling and processing charges.

Is the District of Chester getting any part of the fee?

The Municipality of the District of Chester does not receive any part of the service fee. Paymentus is an independent company providing a service for the Municipality of the District of Chester.

How much will I be paying in convenience fees?

$3 per $100 for bill amounts up to $500
$3 per bill if amount is less than $100
2.65% of the bill amount if the bill is between $500 and $2,000
For amounts greater than $2,000, bills must be paid in two steps, each with the applicable service fee


How do I get more information on credit card payments?

If you have questions, please call us 902-275-3554.