Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning ( 8 Files )

The Municipality's Strategic Plan includes the six following elements, including implentation and action plans:

  • Fiscal  Responsibility
  • Improved Public Satisfaction
  • Sufficient Infrastructure
  • Strengthen and Support Environmental, Cultural and Social Resources
  • Public Engagement and Communication
  • Fostering Economic Prosperity
Application Forms

Application Forms ( 5 Files )

Applications for Building, Development, Subdivision and Sewer Permits

District Maps

District Maps ( 8 Files )

Map of the Municipality of the District of Chester, plus individual maps of each District

Staff and Councillor Information

Staff and Councillor Information ( 1 Files )

Organizational chart, salary information, etc.


TAX SALE ( 13 Files )

Tax Sales will be listed in this Category
Council & Committee Meetings

Council & Committee Meetings ( 408 Files )

Official Agendas and Minutes for Council and Committees of Council meetings. Information from:

  • Council
  • Committee of the Whole (COW)
  • Public Hearings
  • Municipal Planning Advisory Committee
  • Village of Chester Planning Advisory Committee
  • Fire Advisory Committee
  • Recreation & Parks Committee
  • Citizens Landfill Monitoring Committee


Meeting Summaries

Meeting Summaries ( 55 Files )

Brief summaries of meetings of Council and Municipal Committees


Employment ( 1 Files )

Employment opportunities will be posted here

Financial Publications

Financial Publications ( 43 Files )

Budget and audit reports as well as area rates and provincial payment amounts


ICSP ( 2 Files )

The Municipality's Integrated Community Sustainability Plan

Public Notices

Public Notices ( 26 Files )

Municipal Newsletters and other items of general interest