Burning in the Municipality

If you plan on burning brush, check the Municipality's Outdoor Fire By-Law No. 142 first.

On top of that, don't forget to "Check Before You Burn" on the Department of Natural Resources website at  This website shows a map of where it is safe to burn and when.

REMEMBER: burning anything (including solid waste) other than clean brush or wood is illegal!

REMO Dry Well Strategy

The three municipalities in Lunenburg County that supply residential and commercial water (Town of Bridgewater, Town of Lunenburg, Town of Mahone Bay), do not have, and do not anticipate, any water shortages despite long range weather forecasts.

As well as including these three municipalities, the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg (MODL) and the Municipality of the District of Chester (MODC) are also included in the shared Regional Emergency Management Organization (REMO) service.

Within both MODL and MODC a number of homeowners, particular those on dug well systems are experiencing a lack of water supply. REMO understands the hardship of being “out of local water supply to your home”. REMO as always, encourages personal and community resiliency and this has definitely been evident, as neighbors have been helping neighbors during this water shortage. REMO would encourage that to continue as we wait for rainfall.

In order to help residents mitigate their personal lack of water supply, as an organization, REMO partners that do provide municipal water supply are providing some public access sites for water refill, and in some cases, shower purposes.

The list of sites is included below. REMO anticipates adding to this list in the coming days and beyond if demand grows. People need to bring their own safely disinfected water appropriate containers for refilling purposes and any toiletries required for showering.

Information on safe water container refilling, safe sources, and proper handling techniques will be supplied at the municipal facilities, fire departments and at the MODL and MODC municipal offices or by clicking here. REMO is aware of areas where Fire Departments may have opened their facilities to residents. While this is an individual Fire Department decision, due to the difficult logistics of safe supply distribution, REMO is encouraging departments to preserve their supplies and volunteers to continue to provide fire suppression coverage and direct residents to the nearest municipal public facilities from the list provided.

Mahone Bay Marina and Wharf
684 Main St. Mahone Bay
water container refill at wharf tap
Showers 9am-9pm (bring personal soap, towels etc)

Graves Island Provincial Park
230 Graves Island Road Chester
Sunday thru Thursday 10am-8pm
Water refill & showers available
(check in at registration office)

Rissers Beach Provincial Park
5366 Hwy 331, Crescent Beach
Water refill tap & showers available
Sunday thru Thursday 10am-8pm
(check in at registration desk)

(For all sites, water refill is for residential use only (no bulk trucks). Residents must supply and fill their own containers and bring any personal care shower supplies required)


Dry well button

Regional Emergency Measures Organization

According to the provincial Emergency Management Act, municipal government is the body responsible during an emergency or disaster. If disaster strikes, it is up to Council to declare a state of emergency if needed. They also assess the situation using information from first responders, municipal staff, emergency management groups, provincial departments, and other individuals and organizations on the scene.

In 2006, four municipal units signed the Regional Emergency Response Agreement to cement their commitment to working together if a significant emergency occurs. The Agreement, which led to the Regional Emergency Management Organization (REMO) was made between,

  • Municipality of the District of Chester
  • Municipality of the District of Lunenburg
  • Town of Bridgewater
  • Town of Mahone Bay

These four municipal units share responsibilities associated with emergency preparedness, planning, response and recovery. They have jointly developed a Regional Emergency Response Plan that will guide actions and decisions during an emergency response.


The Heirarchy of REMO

Advisory Committee: This group of mayors/wardens and elected officials advises the four councils on REMO activities and functions within the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Planning Committee: These individuals represent various departments and organizations that might have a role to play during an emergency. This group works in the planning and preparedness phases to ensure the community has emergency plans, procedures and resources to support the response effort if required.

Coordinator/Liaison Group: This group consists of the Regional Emergency Management Coordinator and an Emergency Management Liaison person from each municipal units. This group functions in all aspects of emergency planning, preparedness, response, and recovery and monitors both local and regional concerns.

For more information on REMO, please visit their website by clicking here.