Canadians across the nation are celebrating Canada's 150 this year, and the Municipality of Chester plans to commemorate the heck out of our momentous milestone! Register your event with us and we will give you some swag to give away! Click on "Submit Your Event" and send us your community group's name, contact person, a description of your event and anticipated number of participants. In return, we will advertise your event on social media, in our newsletter, on our website, and submit it for recognition on the Government of Canada's website. Check back frequently as we will be posting special Canada 150 events here.

Not sure how to celebrate? You don't need to come up with a brand new idea...dedicate one of your existing events to commemorate our birthday! Some ideas are to:

  • Serve something "heritage" at your community meal or event, like apple bread pudding, maple syrup or old fashioned preserves.
  • Post Canada 150 signs (we have banners that can be reserved on a first come, first served basis...include the request when you submit your event!).
  • Have a "heritage" farm market or sale.
  • Give us more ideas!


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To view a complete listing of Canada 150 events, please click here or visit 

Funding and promotional items are available to community groups who are having a special event for Canada 150. Please click here to download the grant application form. Click here to request promotional items.


Visit for loads of information on special events and opportunities nationwide, such as "This Day in Canadian History...", free passes to National Parks, and access to the Passport 2017 app.




The Municipality of the District of Chester is a treasure chest rich with tradition, culture and distinct history; a muse to many artisans from across the world from actors, writers, and artists using paint, wood, clay, glass, and wax as their medium. Photographers, singers, dancers and folk artists celebrate the beautiful landscape. Shops, galleries, and studios are either on one of the main streets or nestled in verdant corners. Our festivals brim with excitement and talent and are designed to foster the creativity that exists in all of us.

Incorporated in 1879, the Municipality has enjoyed an eventful past filled with stories of treasure, friendship, and community. Today, each of our seven districts offer residents and visitors a variety of landscape, livelihood, and leisure. From agriculture to industry; from hiking to sailing; from technology to the arts, the Municipality's gifts are plentiful and diverse.

As a whole, the Municipality is a distinct, lush and prosperous district with numerous crannies to explore. Find out for yourself using South Shore Connect, an extensive database of the what's what of the South Shore!

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