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Why Here?

What is the advantage of visiting, locating your family, and/or doing business on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, specifically within the Municipality of Chester? We offer advantages that just aren't available anywhere else,

  • proximity to Halifax
  • access to seaports, quality academic institutes, and land
  • clean and safe environment
  • relaxed, rural lifestyle balanced with productive work atmosphere
  • world renowned amenities
  • abundance of recreational and cultural experience

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Kaizer Meadow Eco-Industrial Park

The Kaizer Meadow Eco-Industrial Park is being developed as a location of choice for green business. The Eco Park helps tenants improve their bottom line and shrink their environmental footprint.

How do we do that?

  • By sharing our environmental expertise;
  • By assisting our tenants to safely and efficiently deal with waste and reuse water; and
  • By developing clean, reliable energy sources.

Benefits of locating in the Kaizer Meadow Eco-Industrial Park:

  • Unparalleled access to waste management facilities and expertise;
  • Managers who are well-equipped to handle the needs of green industry;
  • Proximity to excellent transportation links;
  • Ability to locate near like-minded, industry-leading businesses; and
  • Social benefits like schools, culture, and way of life.

Talk to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (902-275-2599) about space today!


The Municipality of the District of Chester boasts a skilled workforce with a strong work ethic. Within an hour's drive, there is access to a labour pool of over 35,000 employed in over 9,000 businesses.

Five key workforce advantages to this area include:

  1. A loyal and productive workforce
  2. One of the most competitive labour cost environments
  3. An unmatched quality of life
  4. Access to one of the strongest provincial educational training systems in Canada.
  5. Access to government programs that assist with recruitment and training.

To find out more information on our Workforce Advantages, see the Lunenburg-Queens-Shelburne Workforce Advantage.


In Nova Scotia, municipal property tax rates are applied to property assessment (based on market value) which can change from year to year. The convention is to express the tax rate as per $100 of assessment.

Of the 54 municipalities consisting of: 3 Regional Municipalities, 30 Towns and 21 municipalities, the Municipality of the District of Chester boasts the second lowest residential rate as well as the second lowest commercial rate.

Below is a table summarizing the rates for the municipalities in the County of Lunenburg as well as the neighbouring regional municipalities for 2013-2014:

    Lunenburg County Municipalities
Mahone Bay Lunenburg Bridgewater Region of Queens Halifax

Residential Rate

0.66  0.81  1.15 1.28 2.13 0.97 1.16
Commercial Rate  1.53  1.96  2.91 3.26 3.93 2.07 3.20

* table reflects 2014-2015 tax rates for the Municipality of the District of Chester