Public Safety

The Municipality provides a number of safety-related services:

For information on any of these services, click on the associated links in our Public Safety menu, visit our Staff Directory for the appropriate contact, or call the Municipal Office at 902-275-3554.

Policing in the Municipality

The Municipality of the District of Chester is served by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Their detachment is located at 625 Highway #14, Windsor Road. If you have an emergency, please call 911. You can contact their office at 902-275-3583. Visit their website for further information on jurisdiction and detachment location.

The RCMP and Municipal Council have had a long-standing relationship through the Police Services Advisory Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to,

  • increase communications between the two organizations
  • share statistical data on crime and outreach efforts within the Municipality
  • provide a forum where concerns and input from citizens and the Municipality can be presented to the RCMP
  • advise Council on policing services within the Detachment boundaries
  • collaborate on coordinating policing services with local programs and organizations.

Terms of Reference

RCMP Advisory Board Information Police Act