Why Wasn't my Waste Collected?


Before calling the Solid Waste Department (902-275-2330), use this checklist.

  • Is it your week? Check the  Waste Collection Calendar to find out.
  • Was your waste at the curb on time? If your waste was out after 8:00 a.m., it may have been missed. If so, the collector will not come back for it.
  • Was your waste rejected? Check for a sticker. Reasons for rejection include
    • exceeding the limit for waste (five clear bags plus one black bag of garbage, ten bags of recyclables including paper and bundles of cardboard, and one green cart plus three PAPER bags of yard waste)
    • unsorted waste (check our Sorting Guide )
    • dirty recyclables (unclean recyclables cannot be processed)
    • contaminated green cart (compost only in the green cart; no plastic or garbage)
  • Is your road passable? In the winter, if you live on a private road that hasn't been plowed, the collector may not travel on it for safety reasons.

If none of these apply, call the Solid Waste Department at 902-275-2330 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Request a Green Cart

Residents and businesses of the Municipality of the District of Chester can call the Kaizer Meadow Environmental Management Centre at 902-275-2330 or the Public Works Department at 902-275-1312 to request a green cart. Or, click on the button below to request one by email.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sorting Your Waste

Compostable (plastic-like) bags have been permitted in our green cart program for quite a few years. However, they have a negative effect on the processing of organic material.

The compostable bags get stuck in the grinding equipment at the Lunenburg Regional Community Recycling Centre (LRCRC), where our organics are processed. Additionally, when the bags make their way into the curing (aging/maturing) stage, they do not breakdown, even a year after sitting in the compost pile. As a result, the LRCRC has asked the Municipality of Chester to support the use of paper-based (bags, boxboard liners, newspaper) products in our green cart program, or, alternatively, do not use any liners at all. Paper products are easily shredded in the grinding equipment and break down easily.

We fully support the LRCRC's request and we are urging residents and businesses to switch to paper voluntarily, effective immediately.

If you have any question, please contact Kaizer Meadow at 902-275-2330 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Municipality has a four-stream waste management system, which mean we sort and recycle our waste. Sometimes, we come across an item and we're not quite sure in which stream it belongs. Our Sorting Guide should provide some answers, but if not, please feel free to call the Solid Waste Department at 902-275-2330 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AdobeReader-15x15   Download our Sorting Guide

Through past experiences, our waste collector can no longer collect aerosol cans at the curb. Empty aerosols are still recyclable, but because of the hazard, can not go in the recyclable materials bag. Instead, bring them with your other hazardous mateial to the Household Hazardous Waste site at Kaizer Meadow or you can drop them off at Adams Bottle Exchange in Gold River.

Waste Collection in the Winter

In case of a snowstorm,

  • listen to CKBW or call the Kaizer Meadow Environmental Management Centre at 902-275-2330 or the Public Works Department at 902-275-1312 in case waste collection is cancelled;
  • check on this website under Event Cancellations;
  • if cancelled, collection will be held the Saturday immediately following your regular collection; and
  • remove your materials from the roadside as soon as possible to avoid the snow plow.

If you live on a private road, plow and salt/sand before collection. If your road isn't plowed, the truck may not collect your materials.


Issues with your green cart freezing? Place your cart out for collection every two weeks, even if it isn't full. Using acceptable compostable bags/liners will also help!



Special Waste Collections

Bulky Collection

Starting May 7, municipal residents can put out ONE large, bulky item during EVERY REGULAR WASTE COLLECTION. Examples of what can be classified as a "bulky item" are as follows (but not limited to):

  • stove
  • chair
  • sofa
  • hot water tank
  • ONE lobster trap
  • ONE pallet
  • small bundles of wood, gyproc or shingles - not weighing more than 50 lbs. and not exceeding 4 feet. These items must be BAGGED (clear bag), BOXED or BUNDLED


The same "acceptable/non-acceptable" rules that apply to special collection will apply to this new bulky item collection.

  • Your item can be placed at the curb 24 hours before special collection day;
  • They cannot exceed 50lbs in weight, 4' in length (except for furniture), and 46 cubic feet in volume (equivalent to 12 full garbage bags);
  • Put small items in a box or bag;
  • Bagged garbage still has to be in clear bags;
  • We will collect:
    • large appliances (stoves, hot water tanks, dishwashers, etc.)
    • furniture and mattresses
    • metal (small car parts, lawn mowers with gas removed, etc. and be sure to keep metal items in a separte pile)
    • SMALL amounts of wood (cannot exceed 4' in length, 50lbs in weight and must be bundled, boxed or bagged)
    • SMALL amounts of drywall (cannot exceed 4' in length, 50lbs in weight and must be bundled, boxed or bagged)
    • SMALL amounts of asphalt shingles (cannot exceed 4' in length, 50lbs in weight and must be bundled, boxed or bagged)
    • up to 10 lobster traps
  • We will NOT collect:
    • electronics (click here for the list)
    • tires (remove from rim and take to Kaizer Meadow or up to four to a tire retailer)
    • household hazardous waste (click here to learn how to dispose of it)
    • propane tanks (take to Kaizer Meadow)
    • items containing Freon® (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc.)
    • large amounts of wood
    • large amounts of asphalt shingles
    • large amounts of drywall
If you have more items than the collection guidelines will allow, please remember that all items can be taken to Kaizer Meadow any time of the year for free up to 1,500 lbs to residents of the Municipality. If you have questions, please contact the Solid Waste Department at 902-275-2330.


Leaf Collection

Bagged leaves are collected in November (check the Waste Collection Calendar for dates). This is the only time that clear, plastic bags can be used to bag leaves. It is also the only time that an unlimited amount of bagged leaves will be collected.

During regular collection, yard waste (leaves, grass, trimmings) can go in your green cart. If your green cart is full, you can put up to three paper bags alongside your green cart each collection. ALTHOUGH, please do not put branches in the bag...tie them in 3' long bundles and place them alongside your green cart. Branches can go inside the green cart IF they do not exceed 2" in diameter or stick out of the of the top of the cart.


Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas trees are collected in January. Check the Waste Collection Calendar each year for the schedule.

Waste Collection/Recycling


The Municipality of the District of Chester has a four-stream waste management system. The streams (and limits) are

Stream* Limit (every two weeks)

 6 bags
 (one black + 5 clear)

 Recyclables  10 blue bags (in combination with recyclable paper)
 Recyclable Paper  10 clear bags (in combination with blue bag recyclables)
 Compost  1 green cart (provided by Municipality 902-275-2330)

*clear bags can be used for garbage, recyclables and paper as long as they are in a separate bag for each stream.


Download and print our   Sorting Guide  or look for it in our Waste Collection Calendar.

All waste is collected on your scheduled collection day, every two weeks. On your collection day, garbage, blue bag recyclables, recyclable paper and a green cart will be collected. If you aren't sure when your day is, check your Waste Collection Calendar. If your collection day falls on a holiday, collection will be rescheduled for the following Saturday if the site is also closed. If you are still unsure, please call 902-275-2330.

Collection begins at 8 a.m. If your waste is not at the curb by this time, it may not be collected. Sometimes the collector may start at a different area of the route, there may be a new driver, or a truck may break down. These factors could contribute to a different pick up time than you are accustomed to.

When collecting your waste, the collection trucks will collect from ONE SIDE OF THE ROAD AT A TIME. They are not permitted to cross the road to retrieve waste as it poses a safety hazard.


Waste Collection

Waste Collection

The Waste Collection Calendar includes the Municipality's waste collection schedule as well as provides relevant information about recycling, composting, important events and closure information.

View route descriptions and maps to determine on which day and week your waste collection falls.

In the event of a storm, listen to CKBW or call the Kaizer Meadow Environmental Management Centre at (902) 275-2330 or the Public Works Department at (902) 275-1312 in case collection is cancelled. If cancelled, remove your waste from curbside to prevent it from being buried by the snow plow. Weather permitting, your collection will take place the Saturday immediately following your regularly scheduled day.

To view the Waste Collection By-law, please click here.

For Community Groups

The Municipality of Chester has a four-stream waste collection program: organics (green cart), recyclables (transparent bag), recyclable paper (separate transparent or grocery bag), and garbage (one black, rest transparent bags). Whether you are a resident, business owner or hosting an event, the Municipality requires that waste be separated for collection.

The Municipality can assist with the development and implementation of a recycling program as well as offer good information to educate groups or individuals on how to effectively green events.

In addition, we have several three-stream waste stations that they lend to groups free-of-charge. They consist of three carts (organic, recycle, and garbage) on a stand complete with bags and signs.

The Resource Recovery Fund Board of Nova Scotia (RRFB Nova Scotia) offers a Community Sponsorship Grant (pdf or MS Word) to community groups who qualify. Additional funding or subsidies are also offered from time to time through various sources - call the Solid Waste Department at 275-2330 to see if any are available.

The Municipality has an assortment of waste containers that are either free or offered at a subsidized rate. Containers include organics containers of various sizes, blue bins, indoor three-stream stations, and backyard composters. Please click here to request one.

Household Hazardous Waste

Many products we use are hazardous and should not be thrown in the garbage. Below are some examples of household hazardous waste (HHW) that we accept at the HHW Depot, located at Kaizer Meadow Environmental Management Centre.

  • paint**
  • thinners, varnish, solvents, stains
  • fluorescent lights, including cfl's
  • fertilizers, bleaches and stump removers
  • herbicides and pesticides
  • propane tanks and cylinders
  • wood preservatives
  • batteries**
  • cleaners and degreasers

**leftover paint and batteries can also be taken to Adam's ENVIRO-Depot™


  • business, industrial and institutional waste
  • bio-medical waste or pharmaceuticals
  • contaminated soil
  • excessive amounts of material
  • PCB's, radioactives or explosives
  • ammunition or firearms
  • asbestos
  • unidentified material
  • waste generated outside the Municipality
  • compressed gas cylinders (oxygen, acetylene, helium, etc.)

NOTE: The HHW Depot is for residential customers from the Municipality of the District of Chester only.

The Solution is CLEAR!

In 2009, we initiated a "Clear Bag for Garbage" program and implemented a new bag limit. Each household can still put ONE BLACK GARBAGE BAG out for collection, but all garbage bags over and above the ONE BLACK BAG must be clear (with no colour).

Our sorting and recycling program is UNCHANGED. Please continue to separate your garbage like you always have. Continue to use blue bags for recyclables if you like. Continue to put your paper in a grocery bag if that's what you are used to doing. Continue to compost as usual.

The new bag limits are 6 GARBAGE, 10 RECYCLABLE BAGS, 1 COMPOST CART.

If you have difficulty sorting your garbage or have any questions about using clear bags, please contact us by calling (902) 275-2330 or (902) 275-1312.


In response to new legislation introduced by the Province of Nova Scotia, has opted a clear bag waste collection program.

The Municipality must, by law, decrease their per capita waste by 2015. The target that the Province has set is 300 kg/person/year. Currently, the Municipality sits at approximately 330/kg/person/year; whereas, the average for the Province is 430 kg/person/year. Therefore, we need to decrease our waste by 10%. The least expensive and most effective method for the Municipality is to implement a program such as clear bag for garbage. That means residential and commercial garbage is put in transparent (or clear) bags instead of opaque (black, green, brown, etc.).

Although clear bags are prevalent across Nova Scotia, this is a program that is new to our Municipality. With a program such as this, there are some frequently asked questions as well as questions that may be only answered through contacting the Municipality. Please call us at (902) 275-5321 with any questions that you may have and we will be happy to help.

If this new goal is met prior to the 2015 deadline, and the Municipality can remain at or under the target, the Resource Recovery Fund Board will provide an incentive that will assist the Municipality in offsetting the cost of processing increased recyclables and compost that will come as a result of a clear bag program.

In conjunction with this initiative, the Municipality is also introducing changes to their bag limit. The new bag limits will be six for garbage (including one "privacy" opaque bag) and ten for recyclables.

For a more detailed description of our program, please click here. If you have any questions, please call Kaizer Meadow Environmental Management Centre at (902) 275-2330 or the Municipality at (902) 275-5321. You may also send inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..