Recommissioning Your Well

We are hopeful that the water table will return to normal at some point. When it does, Nova Scotia Environment is advising residents and businesses that the water could potentially have bacteria present. They are encouraging property owners to disinfect their wells when water levels permit. Instructions and suggestions for well disinfection can be found by clicking here.

Water Quality

Ordinarily, the Municipality is not responsible for water quality issues. However, we will assist under special circumstances. On this page, we will post notices from Provincial government departments when we receive them, including beach closures and boil water advisories, as well as reports from special projects, such as the Fox Point Lake Water Quality Report 2015.


Fox Point Lake

Council appointed a Water Quality Monitoring Committee in 2014 in response to concerns about the potential impact development in the area could have on Fox Point Lake. They took baseline measurements and regularly sampled the water to monitor and changes in the quality. Click here to open the Fox Point Lake Water Quality Report 2015.