Routine Access and FOIPOP

The intent of Routine Access is to make the records that citizens are most interested in easily available on request. Through our Quality Management System and Records Management Program we identify and publish as many routine access records through our website as possible.

The purpose of Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP) is to ensure municipalities are fully accountable to the public by providing a right of access to records while preventing the unauthorized collection, use or disclosure of personal information. Information on FOIPOP is available through Nova Scotia's Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner.

  • Submit a lf-small-icon FOIPOP Request online if you have a specific non-routine records request


Routine Access Documents


  1. All Policies and By-Laws approved by Council

  2. Any document received by Council or any Committee of Council at any meeting which is
    not a 'closed session' under Sections 22 or 203 of the Municipal Government Act.

  3. All minutes of any meeting of Council or any Committee of Council which is not a
    'closed session', after the minutes have been approved by the Council or Committee