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Carol Nauss

Nominated by:  Chester Municipal Heritage Society

Volunteering is not a new thing for Carol Nauss she has a lifetime of experience. She now sits on two planning committees, Deacon of her Church, Co-chair of Municipal Canada Day Celebration.  However, her main focus has been the Heritage Society. 

A member from the beginning, she has served as Chair for over twenty years.  Carol was a driving force behind the restoration of Lordly House and Maple Cottage.  She is hands on, and she is always on the lookout for artifacts or stories to add to the archives.  No task is too large or too small.  You can find her writing proposals for funding, conducting a tour at Lordly House, or trying to locate someone’s long lost relative through their genealogy.  You can rest assured that if there is a fundraiser going on, she has either helped organize it, prepared the advertising and definitely working on the event.  She was a driving force in having Lordly Park cleared and prepared to be the beautiful greenspace in the middle of our village.  She is the go-to person for anything Chester and is the Heart and Soul of the organization.

Carol Nauss gives her full attention to any organization or group that she is involved in.  Her dedication to her community, knowledge, and ability to keep order makes her invaluable.  She believes if someone asks you to help that is what you should do.  Carol is the epitome of the phrase if you want something done ask a busy person.