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Grants and Sponsorships

Operating Grant

Non-profit organizations can apply for up to $3,000.  Application deadline is April 30.  

Community Capital

The Community Capital Grant program is available to provide financial assistance to community organizations to enhance their ability to operate a quality community facility or to better serve members of the public. The maximum funding request is $10,000 to $20,000 (based on eligibility criteria) per application.  Application deadline is January 31.

Major Capital Grant

Non-profit groups with a Capital project greater than $20,000. Application deadline is January 31.

Recreation & Parks Grant

This annual funding opportunity is for non-profit community groups whose primary purpose is to operate, sponsor or encourage recreation programs, activities and facilities within the Municipality of the District of Chester. The maximum funding request is $3,000 per application. Application deadline is the first Friday in October.

PRO Kids Sponsorship

PRO Kids provides financial assistance to youth for registration fees and equipment costs related to sport and recreation activities. This support is intended to help families with limited income so that their children can be involved in programs and activities. This is a confidential program that supports children and youth 18 years of age and under.  Applications are accepted throughout the year. 

Youth Sponsorship Program

This program was created to assist youth who have won their way or have been selected to attend a recognized sanctioned event at the provincial, national or international level. Applications are accepted throughout the year and can provide up to $2,000 for ages 21 and under.

Leadership Training Grant

These funds can be requested for training, certification, and workshops that increase the skills, abilities and knowledge of those in coaching and leadership positions. Funding covers up to 50% of registration fees associated with training. 

Applicants are only eligible for one grant per fiscal year (April 1-March 31) from any program offered by the Municipality.

Economic Development Sponsorship

These funds can be requested to sponsor events, advertising opportunities, or other initiatives that provide financial or public relations value to the Municipality and help support business growth and employment, increase visitor attraction, and/or promote the Municipality to residents and visitors. Applications are received throughout the year and organizations can receive funding up to a maximum of $1,500. For further details, please contact: Brian Webb, Senior Economic Development Officer at