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Proclamations and Observances

The Municipality of Chester understands the importance of recognizing observances through proclamations, flag raisings, and promotion.

To request that your organization's observance be recognized through proclamation of Council, please submit it in writing to the Executive Secretary two weeks prior to the Council meeting.

Requests for flying special purpose flags must follow Section 3.03 of the Municipality's Flag Raising and Protocol Policy P-102. Links to the Policy and flag flying application are on the right. You can submit an applications to the Executive Secretary (two weeks prior to the Council meeting). Special purpose flags are flown on our community flagpole to the right of the Municipal Office's King Street entrance.

Some national or international days of recognition are marked by illuminating the outside of landmarks, such as the Municipal Office. Organizations can use the flag raising application and process for illuminations as well.

If your proclamation or application is approved, we will also promote the observance on our social media accounts.