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Committees and Appointments

Committee Vacancies - Posted May 25, 2022 - Closing Date June 8, 2022 at 4:00 p.m.

The following committees have vacancies open with the end of the current members' terms:

Committee Vacancies Term District(s)
Audit Committee 1 2 years Any District
Chester Municipal Planning Advisory Committee 5 2 years Districts 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7
Heritage Advisory Committee 5 1 year Any District
Recreation & Parks Committee 3 3 years Districts 1, 4, and 7
Sherbrooke Lake Park Advisory Committee 1 3 years District 6
Fences and Arbitration Committee 1 1 year Any District
Western Regional Housing Authority 1 3 years Any District

Chester Volunteer Fire Service Committee - NEW COMMITTEE

The Municipality of the District of Chester is seeking representatives to sit on a joint advisory committee of the Municipality and the Village of Chester, referred to as The “Chester Volunteer Fire Service Committee”.  This Committee will advise, assist, and make recommendations to the parties, as required, on governance and budget for the Emergency Service District comprised of the current service area of the Chester Village Fire Department.

Members must reside within the current service area of the Chester Village Fire Department. Staff of the Village Commission and Municipality are not eligible for membership on the Committee and no active member of the Chester Volunteer Fire Department is eligible to be a member of the Committee.

Three members from the Municipality will be appointed as follows:

  • Two members for a three-year term.
  • One member for a two-year term.

Following the end of the first terms, all terms will then be three-year terms.

For more information, please choose the icon to the right of this page.

All letters of application are required to be received by 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 8, 2022.  Please forward to .

Seven Councillors sit on Council. As part of their duties, they are also required to sit on one or more Standing and Special Committees as well as represent the Municipality on various other bodies. The Warden is a member of all standing committees, and at the Warden's discretion, a member of all special committees. These committees advise Council (as a whole) on various, specialized issues.  Please click on the link to the right to view membership of the Committees.  The Committees are:

  • Audit Committee
  • Building Code & Unsightly Premises
  • Citizens Landfill Monitoring Committee
  • Citizens Planning Advisory Committee - Please click here to view minutes
  • Committee of the Whole
  • Joint Building/Fire Inspection Services Steering Committee
  • Joint Fire Services Committee
  • Landfill Consultation Committee
  • Municipal Area Advisory Committee - Please click here to view minutes
  • RCMP Advisory Board
  • Recreation & Parks Committee - Please click here to view minutes
  • Sherbrooke Lake Access Advisory Committee
  • Spectacle Lake Watershed Advisory Committee
  • Village Area Advisory Committee
  • Water Quality Monitoring Committee - Please click here for more information and to review published reports

Besides being appointed to Special and Standing Committees, Councillors are also required to represent Council on various other bodies.  Please click on the link to the right for membership.  These bodies are,

  • Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation
  • Church Memorial Park Trustees
  • Community Use of Schools Committee - Aspotogan Consolidated Elementary School
  • Community Use of Schools Committee - Forest Heights Community  School
  • Fire Advisory Committee
  • Highway 103 Committee
  • Louisiana Pacific Community Liaison Committee
  • Lunenburg County Victorian Order of Nurses
  • Region 6 Inter-Municipal Committee
  • Regional Emergency Measures (REMO)
  • Senior Safety Program for Lunenburg County
  • South Canoe Community Liaison Committee
  • South Shore Housing Action Coalition
  • South Shore Regional Library Board
  • Southwest Regional Community Advisory Board
  • Western Region Crown Land Stakeholder Interaction Committee
  • Western Regional Housing Authority
  • Zoe Valle Library Municipal Trustee

There are several positions with the Municipality that Council appoints. Sometimes staff are appointed and sometimes citizens are appointed.  Click on the link to the right to view the membership.  They appointments are:

  • Auditors
  • Chief Building Inspector
  • Development Officer
  • Acting Development Officer
  • Emergency Measures Coordinator (Municipal)
  • Fences Arbitration Committee
  • Fire Inspector
  • Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Responsible Officer
  • Returning Officer
  • Sexual Harrassment Policy Administrator
  • Sexual Harrassment Policy Advisor
  • Sheep Valuer
  • Solicitor
  • Town Crier