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The Municipality of the District of Chester is served by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Their detachment is located at 625 Highway #14, Windsor Road.

The RCMP and Municipal Council have had a long-standing relationship through the Police Services Advisory Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to:

  • Increase communications between the two organizations.
  • Share statistical data on crime and outreach efforts within the Municipality.
  • Provide a forum where concerns and input from citizens and the Municipality can be presented to the RCMP.
  • Advise Council on policing services within the Detachment boundaries.
  • Collaborate on coordinating policing services with local programs and organizations.

9 p.m. Routine

The RCMP lave launched a safety campaign to thwart would-be thieves. The "9 p.m. Routine" encourages residents to lock and secure their homes and vehicles at 9:00pm each evening. To learn more, read