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Animal Control

To help our communities offer an enjoyable environment for our residents and their pets, we have a number of animal-related By-laws in place, plus some common-sense recommendations. All inquiries or complaints concerning animals within the Municipality should be directed to the Animal Control Officer.


Dog Licensing 

If your dog leaves your property, is found by someone else and is licensed, you can be contacted quickly.  Every owner of a dog must hold a valid licence for each dog owned.

Dog licences are available for purchase at the Municipal Office for a fee of $15 and are valid for five years.

Kennel Licensing

Kennels within the Municipality are regulated by the Dog By-law #140.  There are two different types of kennels that we regulate:

  • Breeding kennels: Purebred, and mixed dogs that are bred, housed and sold for profit;
  • Boarding/Day Care kennels:  Any type of building or facility that is used for the boarding/housing (for profit) for more than 1 dog

If you are thinking of opening a Dog Kennel in the Municipality, please contact the Community Development Department 902-275-2599 to discuss Zoning and Permitting requirements.  All kennels within the Municipality are required to obtain a yearly licence.

Responsible Pet Ownership

You have an obligation to care for the well-being of your animal for the rest of its life. You also have a duty to prevent your pet's activities from disrupting neighbours or the environment. More information on responsible pet ownership can be found at: 


Dogs Found Running at Large

All dogs and cats must be leashed and under control in public places. Pets who are found wandering are considered “at large” and can be apprehended by the Animal Control Officer. The owner must pay all associated fees before the animal will be returned.

If you find a dog running at large, contact Animal Control. If you can, and if you feel that it’s safe, you may be asked to restrain the dog until the Animal Control Officer arrives. 

Barking Dogs

If the owner of a barking dog is not cooperative, you may file a complaint with Animal Control. We will visit the owner and make recommendations to solve their problem. Legal action could be taken if the problem persists. When filing a complaint, please note the location of barking dog, time of day, how often the noise occurs and length of time, and how the noise affects you.

Poop and Scoop

Cleaning up after your pet is a courtesy to neighbours, but did you know that on Municipal property it is also the law? Please do your part to keep our communities clean and healthy by removing feces left by your pets. 

Nuisance Wildlife

The Municipality does not provide a wildlife removal service on private property. As a landowner, you are responsible for managing wildlife issues on your property. Residents who are experiencing problems are encouraged to:

  • Contact the Department of Lands and Forestry at 1-800-565-2224 to report wildlife concerns, or
  • Enlist a the services of a nuisance wildlife / pest control company or provincially licenced Nuisance Wildlife Operator.