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Central Sewer

The Municipal Sewers By-Law (#34) outlines the criteria for connections to Municipal sewers. Central sewer systems are located in Chester, Chester Basin, Mill Cove, New Ross, Otter Point, and Western Shore.


If you are in an area serviced by a central sewer system and want to connect, the property owner must complete an application and submit it to the Engineering & Public Works Office for review and approval.

The property owner is responsible for all costs associated with the connection to the sewer main lines. You can drop in to the Office to view the municipal sewer system plans.

Problems with your sewer connection?

If you experience a strong sewer smell in your home or on your property, slow draining line, or your line is backing up and you are connected to the central sewer system, contact a plumber first to determine if the problem is within your plumbing system. If the plumber determines that the problem is in the connection line but beyond your property line, then you should contact the Engineering & Public Works Office to report the problem. We will contact the Supervisor and have the technicians come to the property to assess the problem.

If you see a flashing red light on a pumping station, please contact the Engineering & Public Works Office to report the problem. A technician will be dispatched.