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Carol Vaughan

Nominated by:  Aspotogan Arts & Crafts

Carol has been a resident of Southwest Cove for 23 years and a member of Aspotogan Arts & Crafts since 2001.  In order for Aspotogan Arts & Crafts to be a vibrant, welcoming arts organization, it requires members like Carol who help out whenever asked and are supportive of longstanding members and newcomers alike.  She is known for creating an inviting environment for monthly art making sessions at Ocean Swells Community Centre through her positive, caring attitude and delicious baked treats.

Every not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization is dependent upon energetic people who work well with others.  Carol has served in many roles within Aspotogan Arts & Crafts including Treasurer and coordinating the annual signature Mother’s Day art show.  In addition to her planning role, she works alongside other volunteers during the event to welcome visitors and keep thing running smoothly.  Carol’s involvement in member social events has helped to raise donations for local foodbanks.  She has also participated in an early school art education program which has since evolved into broader outreach, delivering art programming to several schools and a long-term care facility in the Municipality of Chester.

Through her support of the Aspotogan Arts & Crafts Organization, which engages in many traditional artforms, Carol honors the knowledge, skills, and cultural practices of the community.  

Through her numerous volunteer activities in the community, Carol provides a link between organizations in building partnerships and awareness of local strengths and opportunities.

Carol is a member and has been a volunteer of St. Augustine’s Catholic Church, Chester, where she helped count the weekly collection.

She is a Board member of Ocean Swells Community Centre, having served as treasurer for 15 years, and is also a member of the Athenaeum Society Board.