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Dawn Curry

Nominated by:  Cynthis Myers (past Educational Director at Chester Playhouse)

It was my joy and pleasure to be the Educational Director of the Chester Playhouse from 2010-2018, my job was to develop curriculum and facilitate drama programs for the youth of Chester and the South Shore. Often there would be several people per semester learning as we went and then moving on as their children aged out. That is, until Dawn Curry arrived. Dawn’s son Liam enrolled in the program and participated for several classes; however, it was Dawn who stayed.

Community organizations bring together many personality types, talents and skill sets to our good fortune, we hit the jack pot with Dawn. Already an active member of several community groups, known to the families, students, and teachers through her work as a teacher’s aide at CDS.

Dawn also volunteered at the theatre as an actress and backstage manager for several of the adult performances. She was often called upon by the Managing director to build a slideshow or help with technical issues. 

When the opportunity presented itself, she took her volunteer position further, becoming a board member. From that seat, she single handedly opened the door to youth led activities throughout the playhouse. I could not have done my job without her love and support, could not begin to count the hours, (days, months, years) Dawn Curry put in, and she never took a dime. It was all for the students, for the love of education and the arts in our community. She gave every gift she had to give.

To me, Dawn Curry is a model volunteer, someone who lives it and loves it. I am so proud to know her, to have worked side by side with her.