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G&C Hughes Enterprises (Colin Hughes)

Nominated by:  New Ross Farmers Association

Colin and G&C Enterprises have and still work and support many groups and organizations in New Ross.  Some of the organizations that have benefited from their generous support are:

New Ross Family Resource Centre

New Ross School

New Ross Trail Society

New Ross Farmers Association

As an organization, we feel we owe a debt of gratitude to Colin and his company.  Their donation of cash, equipment, and labour helped make our dream come true.   Colin’s business contacts brought us a lot of other donations and reduced rates.  It was a great help when we needed something.  We worked close with Colin and he knew who to contact to get it done. 

Colin and G&C Enterprises is one of the largest employees in the community.  As a broker, he provides a market for the local Christmas Tree producers.  He gives back to the Community by supporting the groups and organizations, however and whenever he can.

Thanks to Colin and his company, for all their help with our covered community arena.