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Joanne Corbett and Greyson Corbett-Lumb

Nominated by:  Bonny Lea Farm

Joanne & Greyson began volunteering with Bonny Lea Farm in 2019 when we were in desperate need to get some more musical opportunities available to participants living at Bonny Lea Farm.  Not only did Joanne & Greyson begin volunteering, they started a “drumming program” each week where participants could learn drumming skills but also enjoy music, socialization and making new friends.  They also graciously donated a beautiful drum set, and with it, their love and compassion.  Since beginning, they have also helped with other events and activites including Bingo, a play, and Christmas festivities.  Since March 2020, when Covid-19 hit, they have been unable to continue the drumming program.  However, this has not stopped them.  Through videos and individual visits, they still remain in contact with several participants.  We are so lucky to have them be a part of our local community and the Bonny Lea Farm Family.

They bring so much love with them when they visit the participants at Bonny Lea Farm.  They consistently show kindness, patience, and understanding while allowing participants an opportunity to learn musical skills with them.  The participants have come to look forward to their visits and they are greatly missed at this time.   The community of Bonny Lea Farm appreciates their love and kindness and hopes to learn to continue to give it back to others in their community.