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John Chandler

Nominated by:  Clarke Lodge #61

John has held many positions in his volunteer career and here are a few of them: 

Board Member with Our Health Centre Foundation

Past Chair for Health Services Foundation of the South Shore

Board Member with the Canadian National institution for the Blind

Past President for Rotary International

Past Board Member for the Canadian Cancer Society

Past Board Chair for the South Shore Community Association (Bonny Lea Farm)

Past Chair of the Board of Deacons for the Chester United Baptist Church

Honorary Director for Chester Municipal Heritage Society

Current Board Member with Halifax Senior Citizens Foundation

Past Board Member for the Walter Callow Wheelchair Coaches

Past President for Big Brothers & Big Sisters

Our community benefits greatly by having someone like John, who dedicates so much of their time to charities.  He is a person with great character, unselfish nature, and a deep commitment for the well-being of all.  He does not seek recognition for all that he does but, he definitely deserves it.