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John Mosher

Nominated by:  Aenon Baptist Church

Within our organization, John has been a humble servant with a big heart.  He has served his spiritual community in many ways.  He has provided leadership as a deacon in a year where safety and community health, has been in focus.

John has lent a hand and sweat to keep our Cemetery clean.  He has helped with doing audio/visual ministry each Sunday and at various community gatherings, including funerals.

Whenever he is needed, if he can, he is there to lend a helping hand or word of encouragement.  Within our Church family, one significant way he has served is through our visitation ministry.  He calls people, checks in on them, and is genuinely concerned for the well being of others.  He does this for us in the church but for others as well.

John helps out with a variety of seniors in need in our community.  Helping them run errands, getting them to appointments, and even doing their grocery shopping for them.  I am sure John is not the only one doing this for a handful of our valued elders in our neighborhood, but it is greatly appreciated.

John is representative of why we love our community and the people in it.