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Kelly McCann

Nominated by:  Board of Directors, District #1 Community Centre, Blandford

Kelly, a resident of Birchy head and a carpenter by trade, helped a neighbor with a small repair to a deck as well as a few other repairs along the way.  Closer scrutiny uncovered a whole host of structural problems to the extent that the only real solution was to build a new house.

With the realization that we are so wrapped up in our own daily lives that we do not see the need of others around us, he put his busy schedule aside.  With a core group of volunteers in the community he set about building a new house from the ground up.

As the word spread, donations came in whether in the form of time, financial contributions and/or materials.

The house is now 65% complete with an anticipated move-in date of Spring 2021.

Kelly is quick to emphasize that he could not have done this alone, and credits all the volunteers who came forward, but it is safe to say that without his championing this project, it would not have been possible.

In pre-Covid times, Kelly also was part of a choir who sang and played piano for the residents of Shoreham Village Continuing Care Facility.

Kelly has made a much-needed new home possible for a community resident and increased awareness within the community of the importance of giving and what is possible when collectively we all come together.