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Nateleen Zinck

Nominated by:  Starfish Reunite

Nateleen is co-chair for the Starfish Reunite Project that is bringing the remaining members of the Alouch Family to Canada.  As co-chair, Nateleen spends countless hours organizing all the events that the Committee puts together to support the cause.  Nateleen is a strong leader that never hesitates to do whatever is needed to support everyone.

Nateleen also supports the members of the family that are in Canada.  She tutors the children, gives economic guidance to all the family members, provides emotional support and guidance.  She is also in contact with the family members in Turkey to help with the complicated application process.

Nateleen has been integral in the transition of the Alouch Family to Canada.  She is involved in all aspects of the family becoming an important citizen in the Municipality of Chester.  With her guidance, the Alouch Family members can be seen at the local farm markets, soccer fields, churches, community events, etc.  The Alouch Family are becoming valuable community members.