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Roger and Christine Hirtle

Nominated by:  Erroll Zwicker

You may recognize Roger & Christine as Mr. & Mrs. Santa Clause.  They have been doing this in the community for the last 30+ years.  The Santa visits hold a special place for them, and the families visited.  The memories have involved two generations with the children of 40 years ago now sharing the visit with their children. The Santa visits was, and still is the dream of Rogers and it soon involved Christine.  Once it became known that there was a Santa in the area, additional requests began to come in from schools, organizations, corporate and private. 

Roger & Christine volunteer for the Church, Fire Department, Nursing Home, Fundraising and Just Friends Group, and many other functions as required.  Christine has been Volunteering with Shoreham Village for over 31+ years.  She also fundraises for the Heart Fund, teaching Sunday School and in the Choir for 10+ years.   Roger has been volunteering with the Chester Basin Fire Department for 14+ years as a firefighter and Commissioner, helping neighbors, Trustee for 6 years, Teller for 4 years. 

Roger & Christine are very much part of their community in both their contributions as volunteers to many community organizations, but also their willingness to help anyone who needs it.  It is such a spirit of giving that inspires others to do likewise and makes a community a kinder and better place to live.