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Rufus Sweet

Nominated by:  Chester Minor Hockey

Rufus is one of the most selfless giving individuals I have ever met.  He provides knowledge, suggestions, and a helping hand. 

He owns a small business in our Community (NAPA Auto Parts) that helps other local businesses.  He always makes sure he gets whatever they need to be successful. 

Rufus is the Co-Development Director for Chester Minor Hockey.  He is the Director at large for Church Memorial Park.  Rufus coaches for the girl’s hockey team and he always sponsors events and supports local organizations and families.

Rufus gives endlessly, be it in donations of time, money, or resources.  He is a huge asset to our entire community, especially the hockey programs we host.  He is an integral part of female hockey, coming out to help with our girl’s development sessions, even though he needs a hip replacement.

Rufus deserves recognition for all his contributions to our little community.